breeding and selling llamas in France




Sorry, my website isn't translated in english, then this page will help you.

I'm breeder of llamas in France in the department Allier, near the cities Moulins and Bourbon l'Archambault.

My breeding of llamas:

My llamas are wooly and selected according 3 criteria:
1/ good anatomy
2/ good character
3/ very fine wool, silky type.

You can see my reproductive females on this title page FEMELLES
Some of them are imported from Chile and Canada.

My reproductive males (stallions) are on this title page ETALONS. My llama Simba de Oro is direct MMR Rossellini's son. Simba's mother was Best of show in Germany in 2007.
Simba is marvellous character, very fine wool and he's very proud as i like !

My second male Moon is fantastic too. Very wolly and very  quiet.  Very good anatomy. A marvellous stallion !


My new Young stallion Much' Ano Grey Pearl Ano is born in my breeding. Much' Ana (Moon's daughter) x Simba de Oro. Marvellous llama ! That's why Much' Ano stays here !

Very good boy with very fine wool. Lovely boy !


I imported  Tchaqo Yana. His father is born in Chile and grey color. Tchaqo's mother is born in Argentina. Tchaqo Yana is a marvellous llama as Simba. Too young for the moment, Tchaqo wil be reproductive male at part spring 2011.
He's very quiet and he has a very nice and fine wool silky type.

Life in my breeding.

Every night, all my llamas sleep in my barns (stables and boxes)
Each morning, they go to field (14 hectares).

My 2 reproductive males have their own fields and their own boxes. Not mixed with my females !

I give birth all the year. I have special stable with individual boxes for pregnant females before the birth.

I make echography to pregnant females with a professionnal.


Twice a year, i make treatment for internal and  external parasites. Before treatment, i send dropping to a private laboratory.

All my llamas are vaccined too, of course.

Lamas for sale and birth.

You can see on my website llamas for sale LAMAS . I sell my llamas in Europe.

You can see birth on this title:  NAISSANCES.

My llamas are raise at 6 monthes old. They leave my breeding 7 monthes old.

Equipment and items for llamas.

If you need equipment for llamas, i have.
You can see my halters on this page LICOLS, my saddles for trekking on this page BAT.


If you need training with llamas, i offer you too possibilties. First one, i give a private training and you choose your date. Learning handle llamas, to understand them, how to make treatment...
This training is one day. 150 euros per person.
Second one:
Once a year i receive Ilona Gunsser who comes from Germany for a training in my breeding during too days. Ilona is specialist veterinary of camelids. She's breeder of llamas and alpagas too. She's official judge for llamas in european shows.
You can see on this page FORMATION . The first day is what you have to know about llamas and alpagas (basic training). The second day is about anatomy, choosing reproductives, breddind technicals... Choosing alpacas for wool (judge wool)
You can print registration form in page FORMATION.

How to contact me:

Breeding of llamas in France
Domaine de la Balerie
03320 LIMOISE (France)

Phone number +33(0)4 70 66 28 64
Mobile phone +33(0)6 20 56 58 71


Best regards !

Sophie Vialis